Lightscapes Automation Inc. is pleased to announce that we now represent STEINEL lighting controls – the brand with high definition presence detection!


With presence detection sensors, coverage area and sensitivity are a function of the number of lens segments and the number of pyroelectric detectors (‘eyes’) within the device itself – the greater the number of each, the greater the coverage area and sensitivity, which translates to overall better detection. Most American-, Chinese-, and Canadian-made presence detection sensors have only one ‘eye’ and rely upon passive infrared technology (PIR) to fill in the gaps. This dependence upon PIR to compensate for poor ‘sight’ detection often results in poor performance associated with the detection of audio cues unrelated to the space the devices are supposed to be controlling.

Enter STEINEL Professional lighting controls – with 4 pyroelectric detectors, each sensor is capable of a square coverage pattern, with 4800 switching zones! A greater coverage area translates into fewer sensors, lower per project cost, and energy savings.

Download the Steinel brochure