SpecScapes Wizard – Echoflex Kit 6

$ 537.00

Echoflex Solutions – SpecScapes Wizard Kit 5, consisting of:

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PRE-PROGRAMMED - OPTION F: Wired/Wireless Ceiling Mounted Vacancy with a/b Switching and Receptacle Control OR 0-10V a/b Dimming and Photo Dimming and Receptacle Control
1PTM265DUW-Dimmer Wireless Wall Switch/Dimmer 2-Button$65.00$65.00
2ERDRC-FCU-120/277 Wired/Wireless 20Amp Relay and 0-10V Dimming Controller$95.00$190.00
1ER1C-FLU-120/277 Wired/Wireless 20Amp Receptacle Control$83.00$83.00
1RCS-A-UW Wireless Ceiling PIR Vacancy Sensor 10 ft. x 10 ft.$97.00$97.00
1TAP-21U Wireless Ceiling Photo Sensor$102.00$102.00

Echoflex - Kit 6 Option F - Wired/Wireless Ceiling Mounted