At Lightscapes Automation, we have intimate knowledge of and extensive experience with lighting control and automation systems and their installation. We design systems for maximum impact and can control many types of light sources, such as high intensity discharge fixtures, LEDs and fluorescent luminaires. We custom design control solutions with an eye to saving energy and cost. We also work on building management systems to integrate our systems with theirs.


Our comprehensive programming approach includes numerous site visits over the course of the various construction phases to ensure that all products are properly installed and wired in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the engineering specifications. From order placement to final customer training on the systems, Lightscapes Automation will monitor the manufacturing process for a timely project completion and within budget.

Engineered Services:

Our special services include evaluating the product applications to project circumstances, and designing the integration of our systems into particular project situations.

Lunch & Learn Presentations:

We sponsor Lunch & Learn presentations to educate our customers on product, product integration, and new technologies.