It’s Time for An Upgrade! Ready for Opening Day 2017

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Stadium Upgrade: Ready for Opening Day 2017

I am pleased to announce that Lightscapes Automation and the lighting controls manufacturer Cristal Controls have completed a major lighting control system upgrade for the best known baseball stadium in this country.

The stadium decided it was time to upgrade their former lighting control system to a newer platform in order to stay current. Based on our recommendation as the best controls solution because of its particular technology, the stadium went with Cristal Controls. We had worked with the stadium during the original installation in 2008 and they knew that Lightscapes Automation could deliver.

Working on this project was a great privilege, and while neither Lightscapes Automation nor Cristal Controls are the biggest fish in the pond, we demonstrated that we can deliver and what we can accomplish when teams work together for a common cause.

A big thank you to the local union, who provided the very best possible electricians for this job. They did the entire installation in three weeks, and, once trained, even provided their own electrician operator to manage the scheduling and graphics for the entire stadium. Let’s not forget the Lightscapes Automation crew: Sara Banta, who runs our customer service department, acted as the liaison between all parties. Our project director Kelley Sanchez translated the contract and managed the project flow. My son Nick, a mechanical engineering sophomore, accompanied me on the technical calls, and finally, my great wife Susanne Meyer-Fitzsimmons, our VP, provided a good counter-balance in dealing with the more temporal aspects of the job. A big thank you to Cristal Controls for their three-week long on-site start-up work and swift execution of this major job. Lastly, to the stadium – we are your dedicated local support, and thank you for this great opportunity to demonstrate what we do best.


Brian L. Fitzsimmons, President