commercial lighting controls
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What Distinguishes Us

Lighting controls automation designs don’t have to be complex to be good, and we carefully vet and select the best controls systems on the market. The complexity of stringent codes and standards, the need to bridge protocols, different driver types and building integration requirements are often confusing.

The most elegant controls solutions are defined by their perfection and simplicity, aesthetic quality, ease of modification, where the technology fades into the background and use is intuitive. At Lightscapes Automation we excel at combining the various protocols into one optimal, simple and user-friendly system because we understand the entire scope.

We Know Lighting Controls

We understand what we’re selling. Our expertise encompasses a deep understanding of electrical, the relationship between lighting and lighting controls, the connection between wired and wireless components, as well as that between software and hardware, and we can troubleshoot them all. Because of our technical expertise we communicate equally well with architects, engineers, specifiers, facilities managers, electrical contractors and engineers, and we can address their differing expectations. Our reputation is built around trusted relationships, expertise and service excellence.

The Design Process

When designing a project, we work within the constraints of code compliance, budgets, comfort, and user ease, as well as energy savings, in order to design human-centric lighting and lighting controls projects with the end user in mind that combine comfort with sustainability. During conceptual design development, we identify the best product for a particular application and communicate with our customers via AutoCAD computing.

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